Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is in Cape Coast , it is the best preserved region of virgin rainforest in Ghana and provides the easiest access to the rainforest for tourists along with the famous canopy walkway. Doubting ? Read more about Kakum National Park


Dsole said...

wow, it should be such an amazing adventure to cross that brigde!

Anonymous said...

That looks like an exciting way to cross. I suppose it is not often used by some people who might be afraid of high things that sway around.

Carol E. said...

This photo is beautiful!! and the bridge is scary! I don't know if I could walk across it, but it would be fun to have the opportunity to try...

Jing said...

hey...welcome to CDP community.
greetings from shanghai.

Its excited to see more photos from Africa. and this one looks is the feeling walking on this canopy walkway??

shanghai daily photo

Kate said...

The bridge to me is less scary than the surrounding land. How easy it would be to become totally lost. It is exquisitely beautiful AND forbidding.

Bert Adams said...

Dsole: Yes it's a very wonderful place to visit.

Abraham Lincoln:It sure is a very exicting way to cross and every visitor who comes to Ghana makes it a point not to miss this adventure.I learnt there about 4 of such walk-ways(actually called canopy walk-way) in the "WORLD".

Carol E.: You sure can walk it.Because you're beautiful I know you sure must be bold.

Jing:It's like walking in "heaven" from any cares and yet afraid to fall down....honestly speaking there's not enough words to describe the experience.

Kate:The walk-way is sure scary but not forbidden.I would try to post pictures of people actually walking on it(if I get the permission to photography them).

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.It keeps me going .

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for your comment today.

I might try to put something up on the blog about how I take pictures. I wonder if anybody would show up to read it?

Thanks again.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

riniroo said...

Your shot is riveting. I couldn't imagine crossing this bridge. Where does it lead? Do you just run right into a tree and have to climb down? :-)

Seda said...

Ooh my God! It is a very scary bridge. I am afraid of heights yet I wanted to cross it...Such a amazing place!
In a city life, I don't generally encounter with such scenes...Gorgeous!

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo of a swinging bridge. I would hate walking across and someone starts to sway it.

RamblingRound said...

What a way to cross a chasm! There is a short swinging bridge across a creek here. I can't imagine walking across one that is so long!
A really breathtaking photo!

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Hello Bert. Look at that place! I'd like to see it in person, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't dare cross that walkway.

Greetings from Boston.

GE said...

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